from my small hometown. my grandma told us that there used to live a jewish family on the other side of the street. the were merchants. my great grandparents started to send her to them to do the shopping cause they didnt wanted to go to the jews anymore themselfes. this - obviously by the architecture (?) - must have been built by this jewish family who used to live there, till they were murdered. it’s a shame, let’s do it better.
Table from the Tennis Club
working on text for my photo book straight stones at cafe feed in schillerkiez, they have nice lamps
Wedding Nutrition 2
Wedding Nutrition 1
my new speakers. i get stuff from the street.
a room in a hood
Siegel 3
Siegel 2
CDU Haus
Cheesburger & Fritten 2
Cheesburger & Fritten 1
year long heavy worker retired. tried leica mini II but she couldnt deal with my rough handling of her. now back to olympus mju II and very happy. any proposals beside XA for something affordable and great like her?
Expo at Bethanien/Berlin, unknown Artist
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