Zwischennutzung 2
Zwischennutzung 1
Tobias Zielony @ Berlinische Galerie
oh baby… ich weiß was du in dieser nacht getan hast
new material in the lane. 20 pics to make you wonder. while i go studying
Nobody said it would be easy, but nothing is determined by its environment.
Estrel 2
Estrel 1
This is not a building, this is a failure. I had to go a long way to find some perspectives where this building looks natural and not like total bullshit in it’s surounding.
in winter i got the depression, in summer i got the light
bus service
Ma Carrier 2
Ma Carrier 1
NY / South Neukölln Romanticism
Next nine pictures will be from south Neukölln. After - in last summer - I went from somewhere a little late to my favourite open air spot and just found some destroyed relicts of a nice party I went on and strayed with my bike through the hood, first in search of a bridge I believed to be somewhere but finally heading here and there, discovering the world around me and taking some nice pictures. Enjoy!
best Falafel in town, fresh an only 1€, nice cook and arab music tapes. corner Herrmanstraße/Columbiadamm
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