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My Favourite piece from a fashion shoot for Nylon Berlin. Fuck I love it!
Today presentation of new winter collection and SALE on the old collection, hell yeah! I also heard about few free drinks ;)
5 huge prints from the shooting will be hanging also. And if you ever wanted to offer me a cigarette… the girls also let me know that they don’t want people to appear in joggingpants. But let’s keep it the best way you could handle things always, just do it!
Fantastic Model: Tabea Langdon
S-Yorckstraße, zwischen den beiden Bahnbrücken, Fr. 08.11.14 18:00-22:00
even the curled angels in heaven know now that its about the right accesoirs!
(have his mobile!)
long legs
i did - finally - a facebook page. i will announce news there and i hope to reach you with it better to come to expos and other events im participating as this blog has shown no results in this purpose in spite of its 70k followers….
High activity from Paulushaus Shopping Mall recently! As employes of KDW gourmet section (I am part of their distribution system) are thinking about a strike things need to be sold fast now. New piece Winter Blue available now!
Publisher and Galery Gudberg will show some of my photographs on Affordable Art Fair Hamburg. Go for it if you are around!Messe Hamburg / Stand: G02 14. - 17.11.2013
In my very special position as Paulushaus Shopping Mall Store Manager I found a new cookie for you, free for sale now! Very Cheap, just like my style!
Halle 5
Im publicated in Voight Kampff Isue 8
check also Blog von dem Kevin aus Berlin
Irgendein Towart in Berlin der Bock hat am Sonntag Mittag zu zocken?
Goalkeeper in Berlin who would like to play on sunday?
0176 785 11 053
Halle 4
kann mir jemand diesen dummen roten streifen erklären? der kommt oft wenn ich mit blitz fotografiere, hab ich meinen finger vor dem blitz und der reflektiert?
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